Wednesday, May 9, 2012

55wordstory II

My love affair with 55wordstory continues. As mentioned in my previous post, everyday the story is based on a different theme as tweeted by @vivekisms. I have found a new fun way to write consistently. Compilations of the 55 words stories I wrote in the last few days. Hope you enjoy it.


Theme - #Gravity

Baffled, the ruffle haired stared at his equations; digging into the
universe; within him and outside.
He had answered them all, until these new strings came up.
These mechanics are indispensable. Questions; he starts again.
The theory of everything; Yes; Unified theory.
Albert looked back at Relativity once; perfect. Quantum throws back
the mystery – Gravity.

Theme - #Blood

They were celebrating outside on the streets last night. Bastards.
Cried; stared at the television. His sacrosanct. Merciless pricks.
“How dare they Demolish it.”
Stormed. Vowed. Revered path.
Chameleoned; calm face entered the angry mob. Flashing the blade; stabbed his nervous sword deep. Guts of that stranger in saffron band poured; first blood.
7th December,1992. Bombay.

Theme - #Boredom

Musky; sweaty. The hot room was filled with passion and her sighs.
She loved it on the wilder side; crazy. She loved him more.
His eagerness; want; rise for conquest. Her naughty grin; deep kiss; love cries.
YES. Now.
Victory fingers; cocky laugh. He lit his cigarette.
Her sexy blue eyes; faked it. Her boredom.

Theme - #Silver

Adjusting the black rimmed spectacles on his wrinkled nose; he analysed the peculiar trend on the charts hanging in his old office.
Dispised; short gains, impatience, corporate show.
He invested in 130million ounces of Silver at 18yrs low prices. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathway was to become the richest man in the world a decade later.

Theme - #Seduction

He whispered in her mind. To her desires; her fantasies.
Chuckle; how he would naughtily play with her hair; her lips. Devour
her with his hungry eyes.
Anger; Pounding heart needily gave away to his pleading face. Puppy dog.
He was drug in her veins. Sonam sipped her wine; dark red; staring at
her fiance's best friend.

Theme - #Taste

Tempting; slurped staring at the forbidden fruit. *maybe its yum*
Watery; his tongue dripped saliva and curiousity knew no bounds.
*The coast is clear*; his sly eye had moved around the room.
Leaning forward; he happily grabbed and swallowed. Smile.
2 yr old Aaquib felt weird and panicked at tasting his shiny coin.

Theme - #Fight

Quietness; broke with the shattering glass.
“Do you care? You have to do more for this relationship.” Aarvi sobbed.
Assertive; Rajat held her tightly in his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead.
“I will make us work. Promise sweets.”
An indifferent silence poisoned his last marriage.
Life’s different today.
They fight; they love.

Theme - #Possessions

Intrepid; fiery; he walked.
Strategic; brilliant; changed the game.
Valiant; ambitious; conquered terrains.
Handsome; ruthless; Won or destroyed paths and beings.
Emperor; Great - his wealth; his armies; his reign.
Deathbed; coffin; wished his hands dangling out.
Alexander,"....I came to this world in empty hands and I will leave this world
also in empty hands."

Theme - #Distance

Her trembling heart waited for a familiar voice. Tensed palms clutched
an unanswered phone tightly.
Hopeless love reassured her mind of the innocent promises made under
the saffron skies; he held her hands; touched her soul. Nothing will change.
Nervous clouds engulfed the moonless night.

A beautiful voice greeted; called-out,

”Love, Nikita from India.”

*smiles* *raises eyebrow for reactions*

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