Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An evening to remember

So there was a moment in our lives when most of us became skeptical. To a downright point of mistrust in anyone else who might ever come close to us. The best way we do this is, by building a nice, strong, sturdy wall around us. It helps. It hurts less. It serves the purpose of keeping ourselves less vulnerable.  What often is most painful about a relationship not working out is that we share our deepest secrets of life with someone, even then it’s not good enough for them to stick around. We feel exposed. The person knows us, in all its sense and still wants to part ways. Well, it’s tough. A part of us is shattered and it’s never the same. But what’s more disappointing than this is, when we start conceding with life, with happiness, with feeling true to ourselves. Compromising is an easier way to live.

Breakups happen. Life is much bigger, beyond that. It is about what we learn from our experiences, but a knock or two changing the course of what we believe in or how we connect with someone will get us anything but joy. In protecting ourselves from all the bad, how can we forget the first pure euphoria. That selfless feeling of two people being there for each other. That one perfect evening when you were falling for someone, and you were not the only one. The evening lingers, the moments, the memories you made, it made it all worth. All the negativity in the world melted in warmth and an enduring smile of someone by your side. Life rocks you to your very soul. It is in that moment, splendid best.

Such a feeling is not worth giving up, in the deepest corners of yourself, you know that. You owe it to that one evening when all was perfect, you shouldn’t take anything less than that in life. Open your heart, and you have many more memories to make.