Saturday, November 7, 2015


We have all been crazy heads, kids filled with impossible dreams, teenagers who just wanted to resist, youngsters who wanted much more and much bigger things out of their lives. Then there came a time when 'maturity' happened. Goals become more realistic, risk appetite took a back seat to cozy comfort of material things - we can 'have now', corporate etiquettes over power the hot heads to be much smooth, much more smooth. Life starts revolving around the next promotion, big project or a fatter increase, a foreign secondment maybe?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a good lifestyle like this, but did we think of only lifestyles when we were, say 15? I am not sure the driving force in life was just a narrow goal of a great weekend and occasional vacation. Or may be what drove me was always a tiny bit more. Much of my teenage life, I spent relenting about dad's goals and how he became the single force to make me march towards my dreams. Dreams, yes that's the right word. We under use it, almost never, now a days. So what are my dreams? A lonely cup of tea makes me wonder. I guess I have known one for a long time, deep passion that reminds me each day that I have to do this, dreams are a calling. I think I have spent a little time of my life continuously for much of a decade towards it and I shall do it in my most imperfect way, because I am imperfect in my approaches. But what I learnt the hard way and may be the most important of learnings in my life - don't give up, come back. And come back harder. So falling, failing, I have learnt to walk ahead.

Regret is not in not achieving something, regret is in never even trying. I believe that we have stopped putting our hearts out in line towards our dreams? A little hurt, a little pain is something we are never taught to face anymore. There are 100 ways in which something will not work, may be just 1 final way in which it might. The might is what makes life exciting, an adventure to live. Let's make life interesting again, let's chase dreams because you should have it no other way.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lest we forget the TEACHERS.

We spent a great deal of our growing years in schools, colleges and universities and had some of the most fabulous friendships. Family is always celebrated, in it's own grateful bond, fights and being there during tough times. In the midst, don't we just forget another great influence of our yester years, Our Gurus, Our Teachers?

We all had some inspiring mentors in them, who spent their time with students to develop the crazy heads and not just because something is a job. Do you remember how we looked up to them growing up? Many paved way for being the real life role models. I still remember some of those encouraging words, the confidence that was instilled back in me, my teachers disappointed which made me improve myself as a person, the fire that made me an ambitious person, that grown up figure outside family whom you could talk to and so much more.

Manimohan Ma'am: Thanks for being the first person who told me that I am one of her favourite students, you made me drive myself harder to intelligent things.

Kudsiya Ma'am: Thanks for being my favourite and kindest teacher through school. You were the first smart, cool, good hearted teacher we used to love. I can still mimic some of your awesome jokes.

Rashmi Ma'am: What can me and Megha say about you? You were the truest guiding path for us during a very important phase during school lives. Our respect for you in still very deep and influence that we shall remember for a lifetime.

Sheshadri Sir: The guru who was always a friend and supported you. Your goodheartedness and encouragement is always infectious, even today. You always a had time and patience with the best and not so best students, maybe your never distinguished. And yeah you were also the one with the cool bike, yes 'dear' Sir.

Suraliwala Ma'am: I am so glad to have taken french and attended your classes. You taught with such tireless zeal on the days when 80% of class was missing some times. Thank you for that passion and awesomeness. Your class is deeply imprinted in my college life. May be in next life time I won't miss topping your subject by couple of marks.

Godbole Ma'am, Blanche Ma'am, Vivek Sir, Nayar Sir: The fabulous bhatia family. I might have skipped some more lectures than you would appreciate but that does not decrease my deep respect for all of you. You were one of the best team of teachers anyone can ever come across. There are such good fond memories associated from those days including the forging friendships I made. Each of you were truly inspiring.

Bhatia Sir: You were the most inspiring and biggest guiding light of my life. You took a beaten, discouraged and angry kid & showed him a path of where he should walk. You always took that extra effort out to tell your students about the promised land of hard work, discipline and dedication. You just knew what it takes to be successful and never held back from teaching every one of us your ideas on it. You have truly been the most inspirational person who has shaped my life and career, thank you deeply for being there in the toughest times of the student. Professors like you define the word Guru in its truest meaning.

Cheers to all our inspiring and lovely teachers. Let's hope one of the most under rated professions maintains it's sanctity and there are always those gems of teachers for us to behold. Hip hip hurray TEACHERS !!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

One of those nights.

As we know by now, so no one really dies. Not unless you make an outrageous attempt, too many sympathies for those who would ever do that. Your life is to be loved & cherished, another individual can't give it meaning, some good company along your journey maybe?

Yet all of us have been through the routines of our highs & lows, some big hard blows. One of these nights creep in, where you look for meaning in everything, when the what if's rule much more than any of the good things about life. You crave for the familiar warmth that soothes your soul, those soft whispers, that mad laugh, that precious moment when all was well with the world. You wonder whether things are right with a bygone past or you just failed at realizing your last reconciling attempt. The sweet could have beens, maybe always sweeter in our heads. Still, an eerie silence of nothingness keeps you awake, it's sometimes darker on such nights. A stark reminder on your life today; good, ok or nice, but not really there yet. Time drifts at most painstaking speed, Albert & his relativity. Slowly comes a moment to kill it all, what would we ever do without music on such nights? That small joy & sadness bundled into one song, mixing all your worlds and taking you away from this bitter one.

Music, play on, I need to be back in my usual happy place, coz that's where I belong.

Monday, June 15, 2015

75wordstory is back.

I have procrastinated with a lot of things at times. 75 word story was a good concept which took off amongst 20+ writers on my other blog but because I can be lazy and lack of a team to continue, we have not posted much in last 2 years or so. Bringing it back and this time it will go on to another level. I promise you that.

watch this space.