Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have a Good day?

Good day. Bad day.

This is how I feel life is going to be. More importantly in our obsessions to succeed, in our ambitions, in our fears of failure; we like to avoid thinking that bad days will gloom around. Sigh, but the truth is inevitible. A few bad days are haunting me lately. I know its tough, I did not try to be too prepared or get to thinking about it. I used to be like that. I like it this way now.

Lately, I have kept things simple. Life will throw rocks at you, cause crazy pains; mental sometimes. Bad days have to be part of life. Take it, survive it, live through. If you want positivity out of it, may be you will be tougher. Hack no; sometimes fucking it will just be bad. Downright cruel. Alright. Will make your skin crawl, break your confidence. Challenge your obsessions and will. Yes, bad days will be there.

Beyond that, I go out and live my life. I stay in and live my life too. I am obsessed with reading and shamelessly love it more than anything. I will take, grab, snatch away; when I get tiniest glint of Good day. Good days are important, they keep you around in peace with yourself, they keep you going, they plainly keep you alive. Life is happening, as I type, another day is passing, I believe in taking my good day and live it. I am taking my good day tomorrow. English Literary Association '04 batch reunion. If you end up postponing great times of your life, when will you make memories. When will you actually live.

Life's worth living in the day. Be committed to today. Keep your fire going, dreams alive. You will reach there too.
*raises eyebrow* *faintly smiles*

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today in a few hours I am starting my new blog's attempt at promoting 75wordstory. @vivekisms called out the last theme few days back on #55wordstory when the momentum had just started.

Now, I go ahead and explore the idea and see where I can take it. I think it should be fun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

55wordstory II

My love affair with 55wordstory continues. As mentioned in my previous post, everyday the story is based on a different theme as tweeted by @vivekisms. I have found a new fun way to write consistently. Compilations of the 55 words stories I wrote in the last few days. Hope you enjoy it.


Theme - #Gravity

Baffled, the ruffle haired stared at his equations; digging into the
universe; within him and outside.
He had answered them all, until these new strings came up.
These mechanics are indispensable. Questions; he starts again.
The theory of everything; Yes; Unified theory.
Albert looked back at Relativity once; perfect. Quantum throws back
the mystery – Gravity.

Theme - #Blood

They were celebrating outside on the streets last night. Bastards.
Cried; stared at the television. His sacrosanct. Merciless pricks.
“How dare they Demolish it.”
Stormed. Vowed. Revered path.
Chameleoned; calm face entered the angry mob. Flashing the blade; stabbed his nervous sword deep. Guts of that stranger in saffron band poured; first blood.
7th December,1992. Bombay.

Theme - #Boredom

Musky; sweaty. The hot room was filled with passion and her sighs.
She loved it on the wilder side; crazy. She loved him more.
His eagerness; want; rise for conquest. Her naughty grin; deep kiss; love cries.
YES. Now.
Victory fingers; cocky laugh. He lit his cigarette.
Her sexy blue eyes; faked it. Her boredom.

Theme - #Silver

Adjusting the black rimmed spectacles on his wrinkled nose; he analysed the peculiar trend on the charts hanging in his old office.
Dispised; short gains, impatience, corporate show.
He invested in 130million ounces of Silver at 18yrs low prices. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathway was to become the richest man in the world a decade later.

Theme - #Seduction

He whispered in her mind. To her desires; her fantasies.
Chuckle; how he would naughtily play with her hair; her lips. Devour
her with his hungry eyes.
Anger; Pounding heart needily gave away to his pleading face. Puppy dog.
He was drug in her veins. Sonam sipped her wine; dark red; staring at
her fiance's best friend.

Theme - #Taste

Tempting; slurped staring at the forbidden fruit. *maybe its yum*
Watery; his tongue dripped saliva and curiousity knew no bounds.
*The coast is clear*; his sly eye had moved around the room.
Leaning forward; he happily grabbed and swallowed. Smile.
2 yr old Aaquib felt weird and panicked at tasting his shiny coin.

Theme - #Fight

Quietness; broke with the shattering glass.
“Do you care? You have to do more for this relationship.” Aarvi sobbed.
Assertive; Rajat held her tightly in his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead.
“I will make us work. Promise sweets.”
An indifferent silence poisoned his last marriage.
Life’s different today.
They fight; they love.

Theme - #Possessions

Intrepid; fiery; he walked.
Strategic; brilliant; changed the game.
Valiant; ambitious; conquered terrains.
Handsome; ruthless; Won or destroyed paths and beings.
Emperor; Great - his wealth; his armies; his reign.
Deathbed; coffin; wished his hands dangling out.
Alexander,"....I came to this world in empty hands and I will leave this world
also in empty hands."

Theme - #Distance

Her trembling heart waited for a familiar voice. Tensed palms clutched
an unanswered phone tightly.
Hopeless love reassured her mind of the innocent promises made under
the saffron skies; he held her hands; touched her soul. Nothing will change.
Nervous clouds engulfed the moonless night.

A beautiful voice greeted; called-out,

”Love, Nikita from India.”

*smiles* *raises eyebrow for reactions*