Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have a Good day?

Good day. Bad day.

This is how I feel life is going to be. More importantly in our obsessions to succeed, in our ambitions, in our fears of failure; we like to avoid thinking that bad days will gloom around. Sigh, but the truth is inevitible. A few bad days are haunting me lately. I know its tough, I did not try to be too prepared or get to thinking about it. I used to be like that. I like it this way now.

Lately, I have kept things simple. Life will throw rocks at you, cause crazy pains; mental sometimes. Bad days have to be part of life. Take it, survive it, live through. If you want positivity out of it, may be you will be tougher. Hack no; sometimes fucking it will just be bad. Downright cruel. Alright. Will make your skin crawl, break your confidence. Challenge your obsessions and will. Yes, bad days will be there.

Beyond that, I go out and live my life. I stay in and live my life too. I am obsessed with reading and shamelessly love it more than anything. I will take, grab, snatch away; when I get tiniest glint of Good day. Good days are important, they keep you around in peace with yourself, they keep you going, they plainly keep you alive. Life is happening, as I type, another day is passing, I believe in taking my good day and live it. I am taking my good day tomorrow. English Literary Association '04 batch reunion. If you end up postponing great times of your life, when will you make memories. When will you actually live.

Life's worth living in the day. Be committed to today. Keep your fire going, dreams alive. You will reach there too.
*raises eyebrow* *faintly smiles*

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Sonal said...

simple n nice!