Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RIP Rehab Chougle

My dear friend @ShashaankM  introduced me to a girl @rehabc at barcamp 8 who left the most vivid first impression in my mind than any other girl I had met in my life.

"Are you an entrepreneur? What's your start-up like?" instead of the traditional what do you do. I will recall her for that, something about her personality and statement moved me there. Something about it got me thinking about where I started from in my journey and where am I heading. Life is strange because I met her first time that day but had been reading her blog : few years back. It quickly became a blog I would want to go and read. Amazing use of words and depth in thoughts. You will be missed and your musings.

Posting a good moment shared with Rehab and Shashaank at Barcamp 9.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things that I do.

Of all the non sensical things I have ever done in my life as interests and hobbies, I am most glad that I chose writing to be one of them. I have tried my hands at a lot of stuff, some to assure myself but many to look great around others. For once, there is no pretence to what I want to feel or tell. I go back, think about my life & journey and spill it out. Even the slightest hint of fiction is all me. We only write with the perceptions of what we are and how we see things. There is something, some space which is just mine, in this entire world. These are my musings. Sometimes even that one moment of introspection and thought ends up making my day. Gives me the meaning I keep searching. I believe I am very restless person by nature; Ziddi to add on it; yet I love being in my shell and write some days. Dipping this dark ink on blank sheet gives my heart and mind  peace. I take that as being me.
*raises eyebrow* *smiles*

Friday, July 6, 2012

What are we.

"We all are artists,musicians,dancers,writers. Everything else is just a way to pay bills" - Rehab Chougle, Outlandish Musings.