Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RIP Rehab Chougle

My dear friend @ShashaankM  introduced me to a girl @rehabc at barcamp 8 who left the most vivid first impression in my mind than any other girl I had met in my life.

"Are you an entrepreneur? What's your start-up like?" instead of the traditional what do you do. I will recall her for that, something about her personality and statement moved me there. Something about it got me thinking about where I started from in my journey and where am I heading. Life is strange because I met her first time that day but had been reading her blog : few years back. It quickly became a blog I would want to go and read. Amazing use of words and depth in thoughts. You will be missed and your musings.

Posting a good moment shared with Rehab and Shashaank at Barcamp 9.

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