Sunday, July 5, 2015

One of those nights.

As we know by now, so no one really dies. Not unless you make an outrageous attempt, too many sympathies for those who would ever do that. Your life is to be loved & cherished, another individual can't give it meaning, some good company along your journey maybe?

Yet all of us have been through the routines of our highs & lows, some big hard blows. One of these nights creep in, where you look for meaning in everything, when the what if's rule much more than any of the good things about life. You crave for the familiar warmth that soothes your soul, those soft whispers, that mad laugh, that precious moment when all was well with the world. You wonder whether things are right with a bygone past or you just failed at realizing your last reconciling attempt. The sweet could have beens, maybe always sweeter in our heads. Still, an eerie silence of nothingness keeps you awake, it's sometimes darker on such nights. A stark reminder on your life today; good, ok or nice, but not really there yet. Time drifts at most painstaking speed, Albert & his relativity. Slowly comes a moment to kill it all, what would we ever do without music on such nights? That small joy & sadness bundled into one song, mixing all your worlds and taking you away from this bitter one.

Music, play on, I need to be back in my usual happy place, coz that's where I belong.

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