Saturday, November 7, 2015


We have all been crazy heads, kids filled with impossible dreams, teenagers who just wanted to resist, youngsters who wanted much more and much bigger things out of their lives. Then there came a time when 'maturity' happened. Goals become more realistic, risk appetite took a back seat to cozy comfort of material things - we can 'have now', corporate etiquettes over power the hot heads to be much smooth, much more smooth. Life starts revolving around the next promotion, big project or a fatter increase, a foreign secondment maybe?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a good lifestyle like this, but did we think of only lifestyles when we were, say 15? I am not sure the driving force in life was just a narrow goal of a great weekend and occasional vacation. Or may be what drove me was always a tiny bit more. Much of my teenage life, I spent relenting about dad's goals and how he became the single force to make me march towards my dreams. Dreams, yes that's the right word. We under use it, almost never, now a days. So what are my dreams? A lonely cup of tea makes me wonder. I guess I have known one for a long time, deep passion that reminds me each day that I have to do this, dreams are a calling. I think I have spent a little time of my life continuously for much of a decade towards it and I shall do it in my most imperfect way, because I am imperfect in my approaches. But what I learnt the hard way and may be the most important of learnings in my life - don't give up, come back. And come back harder. So falling, failing, I have learnt to walk ahead.

Regret is not in not achieving something, regret is in never even trying. I believe that we have stopped putting our hearts out in line towards our dreams? A little hurt, a little pain is something we are never taught to face anymore. There are 100 ways in which something will not work, may be just 1 final way in which it might. The might is what makes life exciting, an adventure to live. Let's make life interesting again, let's chase dreams because you should have it no other way.

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