Monday, February 22, 2016

Dear Dad.

Dear Dad,

Yep, it's a dear dad letter. I do often have these strange one sided conversations with you. No, not completely insane as yet, it's just my way of having a perspective and finding my peace. I think I need some validation at times, no one's been around giving it whole heartedly as yet.

I am at this juncture of life, where I am doing what I promised myself for past 14 years maybe. Everyday, I sit trying to find a courage deep, deep, deep in me. Yes, its there. Along with nervous jitters & sleepless nights, stress once in a while, not too much though. I have firm belief in my abilities, think it's a sureka trait, always glad to inherit the good part of genes. The last few months have been challenging, good learning, brought into understanding and executing everything I know about myself, on current horizons and exploring new. Nomad has begin to take some shape, later than what I would like, but every bit counts, right? I think the best way to work is to keep your head down and doing what's required to be done. The universe takes care of the rest. I can't explain how I am going through the most overwhelming part of my life. It's a nice feeling though, I am not the one who can live life sitting at the shore. My first choice of being was always Bombay, its home, its where the heart is. Though I did find a small piece of that heart also in Cape Town, it's the mother city of Africa. Masoom was a dream I fostered from a long long time, I think I am grown up enough to make sure it happens. It took a lot of madness to keep it alive in me, my generation is very relaxed, it catches on. But there was always this restlessness, because the heart knows the deepest desires.

I am a month away from changing our lives, for good or bad. We will get there someday, one step at a time, no matter what. For now, help me to keep my courage, we have to things to do.


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