Monday, April 23, 2012

Words -55wordstory theme.

I secretly enjoy the and finally wrote two stories today. I think its a brilliant concept. Just 55words can say an amazing tale. I have listed my contribution below.

Theme - #Words.

She was his first huge crush. He admired her elegance and poise; her sweetness melted him.

That day in grade VII the English teacher read out his essay on 'The Cobbler'.
"Brilliant write up boy" she complimented.

12 yrs later, he loves writing. He plays with words. And her's; changed his course.


Theme - #Love and Words.

Their time together was perfect, the smallest experience with her defined passion. The evening was drenched in wine, in Love.
Their eyes met in naughtiness; sparks flew;
strung the melody in him.
Her smile; dipped in sweetness of honey; lit the moon.
He would do anything to bring the happiness back.
Words glorify past. Stop.

*raises eyebrow* *smiles*

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