Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Failure, may be.

May be we are not supposed to know where we are headed. May be the planned road was never meant to be, but just a push for us to move.

May be the obstacles are around for us to hold back, cry, find our courage and work harder. May be the confusion was always meant to be revelled, to put aside everything we know of ourselves, fall apart and rediscover a self as we would like. No barriers held, you can do whatever you decide this time.

Because may be the greatest triumph is not always in winning, but in never giving up, forging a new you, competing again and eventually accomplishing one of the obsessive, most sought after goals of life. We fail, just to make a victory that much sweeter.
~ M


Anonymous said...

Nice one :)
May be we should let the unknown remain the unknown and keep flowing till it comes to us! :)

pj said...

well said!

Mohit Sureka said...

thank you guys. ^_^

Nisha Pareek said...

Maybe, it's the time that decides.
Very well written.