Monday, July 8, 2013

The comfort zone

It was around August last year when I stood there with a Dubai job offer in hand and resignation email flashing on the screen in front of me. Three and half yrs of association with a large organization has its own way of making you doubt the sanity of your decision to leave it, even though you have always thought you are meant for something more in life. I was restless but also equally calm around the happenings. For me, I did need a bigger, newer learning curve in life.

Sometimes you don't fear uncertainty until you actually stare it in face. I remember a bigger panic than excitement in my initial days around this time, coz life as I knew it, will change. Some things for good, some not so much, but I knew, that's the deal I have now entered. I was ready to change with coming experiences.

25 yrs of growing up in the same home and not living elsewhere dawned me with nightmares of surviving alone in coming times. Smallest of things taken for granted would have to be given up, the rosy picture of a new land does eventually fade away and I started to realize that being away from my city and family could actually be a struggle. There are also, enough people to highlight the negatives around you. Thoughts run around in lightning speed when nervous. Eventually, I like myself for having those little guts to jump into some risky and stupid decisions even if behind it I am shaken.

Life might get you bigger & better things, sometimes, all you have to do is go and ask for it. It doesn't come without a price though, look for your best bargain. Unless, we start breaking ourselves out of self made comfort zone, the secured cocoon we know of, how would we ever progress, how would we ever be anywhere new, how would we ever truly evolve? Go think about, how you can start living differently.
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Anonymous said...

Perfect thought process here, Mohit! =)

Sayeeli Rawool said...

Truly, everyone, either today or tomorrow has to break free from the egg that they live in. There is a lot to be explored! :)

Mohit Sureka said...

Thanks guys.