Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Short fiction continues

I am glad I continued my endeavour of writing Short fiction in the form of

It is equally incredible that a few people joined me along the way and send their stories. We have managed to get most of the writers via the facebook group of Short Fiction over the past few months. What is spectacular is that the how strong some of the short stories can be. Anything which can make your thought linger for more than a second on the fiction written, has succeeded in its attempt to grip the readers.

The original idea was to continue writing myself and keep improving which has taken a hit. I am lazier than I thought. I need to put in more effort myself to come to telling stories. So keep watching that space, you will see more stories from me.

And who knows, someday I might end up doing what every story teller deep down really wants to be doing.
Do it on a bigger platform.

Blogs are good but that love for books is just different.



Andrew Piller said...

Nice idea. You are doing some good things. I appreciate your idea and panning. Keep it up.

Mohit Sureka said...

Hey, thanks guys. Glad to know this. =)