Thursday, February 16, 2012

The bygone evening'

My heart was drenched inside me, one of those occasions when I felt choked. Another person couldn't convince me to feel otherwise during that moment, my view of the world and what I need to live on was very focused to one singularity, wrapped in a fiery passion and calm likeness, my love for the woman. The hustle bustle around the eve, gave me a little rip inside of not being able to spend the time with her, not being her man. I was head strong determined to take the fact as it seemed and spent the time being deluged in me, music and poetry.

Fast forward, this time around, I had a calm night sleeping through, hurried rush to office and trying to get on top of an unconquerable deadline. I have illusions sometimes that I can please my boss because I am good at my work. Twitter buzzed through the day, with love quotes, a few singles who hated this commercialisation of love, some happy to have settled in and calmed down tweeples who correctly mentioned everything as love through the day, and others who did not want to be left out; shared 'simply the best' urls about love. I felt good around few genuine and excited people, it is nice to be able to celebrate their mutual love and relationships. Its alright to even have a separate day for it; well knowing busy mad lives we live.

Besides trying to catch up on unending analysis of data on boring' excel sheets during the eve, I simply enjoyed flirting with a quick thinking woman I know. I feel sexy; and immensely confident around my wit. I believe overall it was a good Valentine's for a single and uncommitted man, life is still open for endless possibilities actually. Some thrill, excitment and passion still awaits in the times to come. Let it roll.
*smiles* *raises eye brow*


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@rehab : thanks! i like your blog. have read it years back too. i guess via mudra's following list. =))