Thursday, October 16, 2008


Most things mentioned in this blog are pure works of fiction.. Atif's Aadat and Linkin Park's Numb have evoked most of the below thoughts.. The writer warns the reader of attaching themselves to the flowery use of words.. Nething mentioned in the writings should not be construed as feelings or emotions and held against the hopelessness and insanity associated with the writer over the years.. Commenting is Free, u don have to pay the Blogger for it..

Ps: I don know if u will enjoy reading my blog but was the purpose of my lyf to make u happy ?? If u do not understand nethin plz do not bother cursing me, may be i m just too deep for u and u r as dumb as i initially thgt u were..



Pooja said...

Hey u manage to prove that u've read a lot in law.... realy lots... but add that comment on blog only

Anonymous said...

What words..